About us

Inc.A is a unique seven-piece band consisting of a feisty brass section, scorching strings and a shit-hot rhythm section with occasional guest appearances from MCs and vocalists.

We mash up elements of jazz, Eastern European folk, Arabic and film music and set them to drum and bass, breakbeat and hip-hop rhythms. We play everything live without any laptops, samples or loops.

Our shows are a complete sensory experience, combining costumes and dance moves which involve and transfix the crowd: getting the audience moving is a big part of the Inc.A manifesto.

Since our beginnings performing live film scores in cinemas in 2006, we've been smashing up festivals and venues across the UK.

Inc.A are available for booking now, contact us through Facebook.

“Like a marching band piped in from the mind of Terry Gilliam; Perfect music for unclogging a pigeon corpse from a toilet U-bend.”

The Miniature Music Press: Ones to watch for 2013

“They’re doing for dance music what Bellowhead have done for folk, jazzing it up and making it sound big enough to conquer a mid-sized country.”

The Miniature Music Press

“In short, Inc.A made me wheeze with excitement. Not only did they provide great stage show, but it was truly a breath of fresh air to see that there are still musicians and artists out there that are yearning to push music and art forward; creating progressive music without making it too pretentious. Anyone with a heartbeat can appreciate Hip-Hop and Drum ‘n’ Bass rhythms, and Inc.A provide rhythms that hold the strength to put the healthiest of chaps into cardiac arrest.”